Readers of my 101 CRM Database hints & tips say…
“Surprisingly insightful. Keep them coming”
“You’re hints are bang on the money”
“I do read and enjoy your suggestions. About the only feed I do” 
“Easy to digest and put into practice – simple, intuitive and short”
“A refreshing insight into best practice”
“I would highly recommend anyone responsible for or working on a database to subscribe”

Past ‘users’ of the CRM Databases I’ve managed have said…
“The [database] team helped us to boost bookings on our (pay per head) training courses significantly this year with targeted mailings…. and has resulted in direct revenue growth”
“..[the database] seems to me to have one distinguishing feature from all other marketing databases I have encountered.  It works in practice for users”
“[the database] is a fabulous system and I am sure pretty unrivalled”
“At the risk of sounding like teacher’s pet, I am prepared to come out as a late convert.  I recently went to a lunch and did my homework beforehand… I later realised that much of the information was all available on [the database].  It does work if you use it – and it is easy to use, even for the over forties… I confirm that, regrettably, I am not being paid to say this”
“I use it before visiting a client / preparing for new pitches in case it throws up useful information about who else might know the contact in the firm”
“[the database] opens up significant cross-selling opportunities for lawyers from different departments to work together in obtaining further work from existing clients”
“…useful to read past meeting notes with the clients before you meet them”
“We used the information in it to shape agenda for panel kick-start meetings”


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