You can’t implement your CRM with rotten data

You can’t implement with rotten data (even more)…
No, you really can’t implement your CRM system without all your data.
And do you know what.
Your users couldn’t care less.
Annoying it is.  Very.
Many of your user won’t even respond to your ‘please send me details on your contacts’ requests. 
So make it your mission to chase those, and even when they do, be aware that the data they give you will age very quickly. Be honest with them..  Tell them that you are aware that data is a pain, a load of hassle, not much fun…
Good data is underrated, but good data is vital for the long term success of the project / any marketing activity.
One more hint on this before I bore you to death … when you get the information, and when you are playing with it to put it into a standard format, resave it as different versions, not overwriting.  Someone somewhere will have a whinge.  And you need to go back to the stages to double check them / yourself. 
It will be them I’ll bet.  Most people don’t actually realise the quality of their own data until you show it to them in a clearer format.  i.e. prefix, firstname, middlename, lastname, suffix , job title, etc etc
And you’ll get the blame
Put on your thick skin for this project. 
My old boss used to call me Rhino skin!  Amongst other compliments 😉

Hope you found this CRM tip useful, and all the best,

Simon McNidder


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