Spam filters look for this stuff, don’t you know

Arh, dearly beloved reader,

Why do perfectly good email campaigns get blocked and not delivered (spam filtered)?
Now, unless you are sending anything a bit, err, lets say, close to the mark, why oh why should your perfectly good email get filtered out?

It all boils down to automated SPAM filters and what they ‘think’ is not worthy of their readers.  So be careful what you put in your email subject header (and main content area).
They score each email you send (and probably build up a score if you send a lot).  Then, once you hit a score, your email is barred.
That’s it.
No warning it will happen.
No warning it happened.
…Other than open and click rates falling off a cliff
And no advice on how to stop it happening.

Obviously don’t put words in the subject line or text like ‘sex’, ‘under 18’ (e.g an email I sent about the ‘sex discrimination act’ flagged my on SPAM filters nicely) stuff in CAPITALS

And this will shock you…. I heard on the grapevine that  “Dear”, “click here”, and “unsubscribe” all score the same points on SPAM filters as FREE in the email body


SPAM filters don’t particularly like pictures either.




That’s logos and images to your in-house branding police.

Yep – I heard you swear! 
yes really !

The worst offense is of course not clearing out your bounces.  SPAM filters don’;t like that more than anything.

After all,  how else can emails with FREE
Don’t whatever you do have “under 18”, “sex” “viagra” etc etc and even “specialist” .. why, because cialis are the makers of Viagra and those letters make up specialist

See, I’m not as stupid as I look.
(thanks Granny)


Hope you found this CRM tip useful.

All the best,



Simon McNidder


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