If you tweak your CRM system – it’ll slowly cost you a fortune over time

If you tweak your system – it’ll slowly cost you a fortune over time.  It’ll also mean supporting your system is harder.  And upgrades will be harder still.  

OAnd here’s a bit more text on the subject….

If you have to tweak a few areas, make sure it’s future proof and that you can alter the values in the field (or whatever) yourself.  A long time ago, I was asked to add ‘x’ field into one area of my system.  Then a few month later, another, and some time after that – another.  All within the same feature.  Each time I ended up having to go back to the database suppliers – and each time, a nice little hit on my budget. 
Now, if I’d set up one new field, and called it something generic – like ‘Misc tags’, then all I would have needed to do is update the pick lists.  I’d have still been able to query on the values.
Users might have got a bit confused, and downloads of that field would have looked a bit funny to the average ‘non techie’ user. 
Swings and roundabouts huh! 
Often the way. 
User ease verses cost.  Although not always.  I’ve seen some very expensive systems that are so complex they don’t get used at all.  Make it easy for your users – to use and get info back out…. or they won’t use it anyway.


Hope you found this CRM tip useful, and all the best,


Simon McNidder


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