Enough of you said you wanted more hints on clearing up your data. So here’s another one

Enough of you said you wanted some more hints on clearing up your data.  So this one is: how not to insult Paul by calling him ‘Mrs’ and Sue by calling her ‘Mr’. 

Right here in fact….
I’m sure you look through your data regularly.  I do.  Well, my poor team do if I’m being accurate.  But when you’ve got a database and alert system, you might as well use it. 
So, in this tip I’ll tell you how to find out how many of your contacts are missing a prefix (Mr or Mrs for instance), or where you’ve got the prefix wrong.  A while back I listed a number of names within a company name that could describe which sector it was in. 
Simply do the same with firstnames. 
Now, you can either guess at loads of female names, like… Kate, Katie, Katy, Katherine, Catherine, Sarah, Emma, Susan, Bob, Sally etc etc.  The eagle eyed amongst you will have seen the reference to Black Adder – showing my age there dear reader, and stupid sense of humour.  But guessing girl firstnames will take you an age. 
So get your database (and MS excel) to do it for you. 
Simply download all the firstnames where the prefix is ‘Mrs’, ‘Miss’, ‘Ms’ and dump them into Excel. Then get excel to count the instances of names.  So, Sarah will be in your database 283 times, Emma 107 times, etc etc.  Take the top 100 names and do a search of your database where those names appear and the prefix is ‘Mr’.  You’ll gasp at the errors you spot.  Unless you are a real goodie goodie.  Easy huh!  And then do the same search where there is no prefix.  And then set up that report to run weekly or monthly, and you’ll have a super up-to-date database in no time.  And that’s just one small step. 
Be wary of male/female names that could be the either a chap or a girl though….

Hope you found this CRM tip useful, and all the best,

Simon McNidder


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