Automate and schedule your data checks

Automate and schedule your data checks
Why make a human do something that a computer can do? 
Your CRM database can do the rotten task of checking for data integrity issues for you.

And you should be able to schedule it on a regular basis.
If you have an automated alert system bolted onto the side of your system, you can run all sorts of data checks each day / week / month.  Maybe Crystal Reports (  There are others, but this is a popular one.  Orbis is another good one.  Bit better if you ask me (, although I realise you didn’t.  Look into these two if you want to make your CRM database really fly.
I think I’m running at about 150 different data integrity alerts and activity alerts each month these days.  It’s allowed our team to manage many times the amount of data we did ten years ago, with less people.  Now that’s a case for a database if ever I heard one.
For instance, you could run a monthly report on how many female firstnames have ‘Mr’ as their prefix.  Illuminating I think you’ll find.  I’ll tell you an easy way of finding those female names as well soon – one for a later tip though.

Hope you found this CRM tip useful.


All the best,


Simon McNidder


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